HB3159 was signed by the Governor & takes affect Nov 1st, 2024!

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Who We Are

Pike Off OTA is a grassroots 501c4 organization by Oklahomans who support responsible transportation.

The organization formed after the announcement of the Access Oklahoma program by Governor Stitt and the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority. Pike Off OTA’s focus originated in an effort to prevent the development of two proposed turnpikes, the East-West Connector and the South Extension, and reduce the overreaching impact of the Oklahoma Transportation Authority.

We Stand For:

  • Protection of Property Rights
  • Prevention of Government Overreach
  • Properly Planned & Financed Roads
  • Preservation of Agriculture, Land, Water, & Wildlife
  • Roads Owned by Oklahomans & Free to Drive On

Our Name

Why Pike Off OTA?

The term “Pike Off”, originates from the British Arm in World War II, and is slang for to leave, to depart, to go away. It is not a vulgar term as some may perceive it. In essence, by saying “Pike Off, OTA!”, we are saying “Go Away, OTA!”

Our Goal

How we are helping our state

Our mission is more than just protecting our homes; it’s about looking out for what is best for Oklahoma, our state we love so much. We look to ensure future generations do not fall victim to the mistakes of the past. Side by side with our neighbors, we are working to retire all turnpikes in Oklahoma and return them to our state as free roads. This will allow for more opportunities to use federal funds to maintain our infrastructure and relieve some of the burden from our state.

We stand for individual property rights free of government overreach. When roads are properly planned and financed, we not only protect and preserve our agriculture, public and private lands, water, and wildlife, but we also trust we are passing on a fiscally responsible government to our children and future generations.

Our Board of Directors

Dr. Amy Cerato


Whitney Mullica


Pamela Post


Cheryl Pierce


Tassie Hirschfeld



Keith LeBaron


Darla LeBlanc


Tanner Naeher


Annette Jaye Watson-Patten